Custom Rock Engraving
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Hello, my name is Troy, if you need anything or have any questions just call or email me through the contact page. You can also email me directly at We are in the process of creating/updating this website to keep up with technology and make the order process easier for both you and and me. So we are asking you to be patient with us as we edit and add to this website. If you find any problems or if the order process seems complicated, please let us know so that we can fix the issues. 

We live in a rural area just outside of Marengo, a small town in eastern Iowa. We are a very small company, it is just my wife and I. She is the love of my life and I could not have this company without her help. She cleans houses full time and helps me with all that it takes to keep my customers happy. We have a great relationship with our customers and most of our success has been from word of mouth and/or repeat customers. 

Rock engraving came about 15 years ago when a family member died and I was asked to create a memorial. Iv'e always aspired to be an artist. Growing up I loved drawing and painting and wanted to be just like Michelangelo. I ended up going to Minneapolis College of Art and Design for 4 years. In that time I thought that I needed a specific degree and decided on a bachelors in photography.  While I was in college I got into the sculpture world.  During and after college I designed more than a hundred copyrighted designs for the ornamental concrete world. Yes, that lawn ornament in your back yard may be one of my designs :). If you see the name TROY written on the back of your birdbath or lawn sculpture then maybe I have already been in your yard or home.

I have also done sculpture work for larger companies such as Microsoft, Bank of America, Charmin, McAffee, the Cincinnati Bengals and too many others to list. I work with a trophy cast stone company when I receive large orders for sculpture and/or rock engravings. I could create 100 similar cast stones, all the same shape and color if it is for a specific event, such as business awards or desk top items. 

We love to travel so if you have a large stone or project that cant be shipped, we may be able to make  a road trip to get it done for you, such as a large boulder that you may already have in your yard. We have traveled to Florida, Michigan and other states to engrave or deliver large Boulders. 
Many times we have worked with people who are not from Iowa but may have family or friends here and are traveling through this area. This option has helped on delivery costs. 
We are looking forward to working with you to complete your stone or project. 

 I haven't become Michelangelo yet but send me your stone/engraving ideas and maybe we can make that happen together.